c.p.bourg BDFX bookletmaker, finisher
with stitching head option


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Complete and in working condition

Document Finisher for fully automated signature booklets.
The BDFx is capable of top or corner stitching

May be used offline with e.g. BST or the following Xerox printing units: DT1xx, DT61xx, DP61xx, DP92, DP180 HLC, 41xx, 46xx, Nuvera 120, 144, 288, IGen3 (not included)

max. signature size 356x260 mm (14x10.24")
max. block thickness 55 sheets (80gsm)
Additional information
Condition: maintained, good working order

-2 stitching head (Magnatec)
-Connection possibility to higher or lower paper output on Nuvera.

1st installation:    2010
Availability: imm / EU

Price in EURO: Request a quote

manufacturers brochure:
Technical Specification




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