sheets follow autom. bleed, crease, stitch, fold, trim process to create booklets of up to 120 p.


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connectable to Xerox iGEN ColorPress, Nuvera, DocuTech, DocuPrint, Versant 3100/2100 families


C.P. Bourg Inline Booklet Maker - BMEx for Nuvera
Face trimming comes standard with the BMEx.
Saddle, corner and top stitching is also supported.
Operators can select top, edge corner, or saddle stitches (one, two or fourstitches) from a simple menu on the BMEx control panel;
choose a topstitch bypasshastening other finishing functions;
make fine adjustments to stitch positions, foldpositions, or trim distance in increments of 1/10 mm "on the fly" as the job is running.
Up to 50 sheets (80 gsm) can be stapled.
The BMEx can stack up to 50 booklets depending on the number of sheets per booklet.
The conveyor can be unloaded

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