cont. cutter pinless 2-up K995/K945, 5 enclosures, Cognex camera reading, C4+DL


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Manufacturer / Model:

Kern / BB700

1 channel continuous, 5 enclosures, Cognex reading

Envelope sizes:
DL, C6, C6/5, C5, C4

Speed in env/h:
12.000 gross (upgrade only in 2015), the BB700 as a stand alone runs at 16k!

1st channel:
continuous, cutter/merger pinless K995/K945 from the side (90 degree) with double knife for chip out,
reading: 2 x Cognex Camera reading,
option: Hunkeler unwinder UW6 VU 220m right version
option: K971 feeder Datalogic reading

2nd channel:
as option K990/940 pinfed cutter with OMR* or BC, or
cut sheet feeder K971, possible to merge among both channels then

2x cognex reading from beneath for OMR*, Barcode and 2D Datamatrix, also OCR and 2D reading in station 1+3 with asentics SH123-FO73

5 feeders on a 6 station chassis (5x RF2 rotation feeder of which one has higher thickness capacity),
Streamfeeder Reliant 1500 on station 5
Asentics reading in station 1+3 for OCR+2D (matcheds with channel), 

Number of check bins:
2 (1x integrated in closing section, 1x external)

Kern Mailfactory (in cutter K995)

Extras (included):
closing section, conveyor 2,5m, 

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Option (not included):
inline weight on the fly C4 Anritsu checkweigher
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Kern unwinder DR6 with vacuum box (YOM 2006) w airhaft 70mm
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or Hunkeler UW6 150m VU right version, UW6 150 VU right version

50 Hz.

1st Installation:
2012+2015 (BB300 module was exchanged to a BB700 module)

Clicks/envelopes in Mio:
11,5 Mio since upgrade in 2015

Kern refurbishment in 2019
de-installed by Kern Germany September 2020

RESERVED until April 6th, 2022

Availability /ex works:
imm / greater area GE-Nuremberg

Price in EURO:
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manufacturer's brochure:
Technical Specification

reading in station:
asentics SH123-FO73

ref. nr: 

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* OMR reading may need extra driver/software

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