cont. cutter pinless 2-up K995/K945, 5 enclosures, Cognex camera reading, C4+DL


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Manufacturer / Model:

Kern / BB700

1 channel continuous, 5 enclosures, Cognex reading

Envelope sizes:
DL, C6, C6/5, C5, C4

Speed in env/h:
12.000 gross (upgrade only in 2015), the BB700 as a stand alone runs at 16k!

1st channel:
continuous, cutter/merger pinless K995/K945 from the side (90 degree) with double knife for chip out,
reading: 2 x Cognex Camera reading,
including Kern unwinder DR6 with vacuum box + 70mm airshaft

2nd channel:
as option K990/940 pinfed cutter with OMR or BC, or cut sheet feeder K971, possible to merge among both channels then

2x cognex reading from beneath for OMR, Barcode and 2D Datamatrix, also 2D reading in station 1+3

5 feeders on a 6 station chassis (5x RF2 rotation feeder of which one has higher thickness capacity), Datalogic reading in station 1+3, Streamfeeder Reliant 1500 on station 5

Number of check bins:
2 (1x integrated in closing section, 1x external)

Kern Mailfactory (in cutter K995)

Extras (included):
closing section, conveyor 2,5m, Kern unwinder DR6 with vacuum box (YOM 2011) w airhaft 70mm

Option (not included):
inline weight on the fly

50 Hz.

1st Installation:
2012+2015 (BB300 module was exchanged to a BB700 module)

Clicks/envelopes in Mio:
11,5 Mio since upgrade in 2015

Kern refurbishment in 2019
de-installed by Kern Germany September 2020

Availability /ex works:
imm / EU

Price in EURO:
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manufacturer's brochure:
Technical Specification

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