2x cont. cutter PINLESS 2-up K995/K945, 4 encl., vertical stacker, COGNEX Camera


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Manufacturer / Model:

Kern / K3500

2 channel continuous pinless, 4 enclosures, Cognex Camera form 2018

Cognex Camera from 2018 from above for OMR, Barcode, 2D Datatmatrix

Envelope sizes:
DL, C6, C6/5, DL, C5

Speed in env/h:
22.000 gross

1st channel:
continuous K945/K995 PINLESS with double knife for chip out, COGNEX reading (YOM 2018), long reading table

2nd channel:
continuous K945/K995 PINLESS with double knife for chip out, Datalogic reading

VSK module:
With the new Side Channel Connecting Module VSK, the Kern 3500 Inserting System can now be configured for dual channel operation, making it a performance leader in the processing of dual entry applications as well. The Side Channel Connecting Module supports the full functionality of the input modules and enables optimized communication throughout the system. The module is designed to sustain the inserting system's maximum output of 22,000 filled envelopes per hour. In accordance with the high standards set for all Kern's equipment, the Side Channel Connecting Module facilitates handling by the operator and makes it simple to change applications.

4 (1x ZSMS, 1x ZSEG)

Number of check bins:

Extras (included):
2x Hunkeler UW4 unwinder with vacuum box (blue+red)
vertical stacker

Option (not included):
reading on exit, HSW post box system

50 Hz.

1st Installation:

Clicks/envelopes in Mio:
app. 45 Mio


Availability /ex works:
imm / EU

Price in EURO:
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manufacturer's brochure:
Technical Specification

machine's layout:
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