Inline Book/Booklet Making Solution
produces 35 Books of 20 Sheets (75 g/m2)


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Watkiss for Océ 

Océ BLM550 Book Maker
The Océ BLM550 book maker delivers high-quality, square-spined books.
In a single machine, it combines stitching, folding, spine
forming and trimming to produce books up to 220 pages thick.
It offers a maximum book thickness of .39” (using 55 sheets of 70 g/m2 paper)
and provides a single book making solution for documents from 8 to 220 pages.

It connects online to
• Océ VarioPrint 2100/2110
• Océ VarioPrint 4110/4120
• Océ VarioPrint 6160/6200/6250/6320 Ultra Line

• 35 books of 20 sheets (75 g/m2)


Power Supply:
200-240V, 50/60 Hz, single phase

1st Installation: 

Books/Booklets printed:
8 Mio.

dismantled by Canon Services

upon order

ex works: 
P2P ShowRoom Nuremberg

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