20,5" PLUS with Centre Slitter
last attached to a Océ VP 6320 with B3


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CEM Italia spa

What is Docuconverter?
Docuconverter is an innovative finishing tool for digital sheet printing, produced and patented by CEM ITALIA spa. Both in-line and off-line models are available. Docuconverter is a useful piece of equipment for digital printing centres. 

What is it for?
Docuconverter is a useful piece of equipment for digital printing centres. Used for digital printing of books, brochures, etc which are then to be soft binded: cuts and stacks sheets, creating a book block ready for soft binding. A single copy of a book with more than one image per page can be prepared for soft binding thanks to the optional BOD unit. Optimises workflow, cutting down on labour time and costs. Prints a number of copies (for example 4 copies) on the same sheet, eliminating the need for guillotining before binding. The book blocks are already separate and offset and dividers no longer have to be inserted between one copy and another. Drastically reduces the amount of goods held in stock.

CEM DocuConverter is a post- print device which is designed either to work on-line with production type cut sheet digital printers or near-line receiving sheets from a feeder and it is utilized for the production of digitally printed documents such as:

  • perfect bound books
  • book-on-demand
  • variable data documents
  • trans-promo
  • ecc.

DocuConverter’s primary function is the conversion of printed sheets into stacks of book blocks in which all documents are assembled in the right page sequence.
It is compatible with Xerox Nuveras and OcCEM DocuConverter is certified to work in line with Oce VarioPrint printers, series 4000 + 6000, and Xerox Nuvera and iGen printers. However numerous other printers can be connected to the device. CEM DocuConverter can also work near-line when fed by a sheet feeder.ecc.é in-line digital printerst is compatible with Xerox and Océ in-line digital printers

50 Hz.

1st Installation:

dismantled by Canon in July 2021

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