high volume full-color web press
water based Pigment Ink


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Manufacturer / Model:   
Océ ColorStream 

CS3700 I-Twin 18" paper width, 17" printable width

Controller / RIP / Frontend:       
SRA MP third-generation, high-performance blade processors
supports IPDS and PDF printing

water-based Pigment Ink

40 KHz
please ask for chart with PH hours (4heads per color and printer each)

Printing Speed:
I-Twin:    100m/min.

Paper Transport:
pinless, tight web, automatic tension control

Print Resolution: 
1200 dpi perceived image quality with 600x480 dpi with Multilevel dot modulation

Tecnau roll-to-roll

Power Requirements:
400V, 63A (one per tower) 50 Hz

1st Installation:
10/ 2014

User Counters overall:
PR1 and PR2 show roughly 300 Mio. 12" clicks each

dismantled end July 2022

upon order
can be packed either for truck transport or overseas shipping 

ex works:   
customer site Germany

Sales Price in EURO: 
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manufacturers brochure:
Technical Specification

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