produces 35 books of 20 sheets (80 g/m2)


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Watkiss PSQ224 Main Body RA
Watkiss Bridge Link R4
Watkiss Bridge Frame Cover
Watkiss Power Stack 200, Book Stacker
Watkiss PBS Care Kit
Watkiss PSQ, 2-knife trimmer
Watkiss P2T/PBS Interface kit
Watkiss P2T/PBS Trim Conveyor kit
Watkiss Travel Base
Watkiss C.P Bourg Stacker

The Watkiss PowerSquare 224 is a complete book-making system for digital and offset print applications available in three configurations – online, nearline or offline.
In a single machine it combines the four processes of stitching, folding, spine forming and trimming to produce SquareBack books of up to 224 pages thick. It features
fully automatic settings for different book sizes and pagination, including variable stitch-leg length for varying book thicknesses. For inline production, it works with all
the major digital print engine manufacturers (including Kodak, Canon, Konica Minolta, Xerox and Ricoh) to deliver seamless booklet making solutions for production printing.

Designed for high production reliability and ease of use, it has the ability to handle long runs without any operator intervention.

It offers a maximum book thickness of .39” (using 50 sheets of 80 g/m2 paper)
and provides a single book making solution for documents from 8 to 224 pages.

Duty Cycle:
• Average volume: 50,000 books per month
• Peak volume: 150,000 books per month

50 Hz.

1st Installation: 
2019 (YOM 12/2018)

Books/Booklets printed:
700 (ex Xerox ShowRoom) 

Availability /
upon order

ex works
P2P ShowRoom Nuremberg

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