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Manufacturer / Model:


Controller / RIP / Frontend:
Fiery Color Controller E-43 

Resolution:  1.200 x 4.800 dpi

Printing Speed:  130 ppm in Color/B&W

Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5100x2
Bridge Unit BU5010
Vacuum Feed Oversize Sheet Tray Type S3
High Capacity Stacker SK5030
3000 Sheet Finisher SR5050

max. Paper Size:  330 x 700mm

Paper Weights:  52 - 400 gsm

max monthly Volume:
1,75 Mio. simplex letter size pages per month,
1 Mio. per month on a regular basis

Power Requirements:
208-240V, less than 60A (30A x2), 50/60Hz.

1st Installation:  2016

Counter:   3,7 Mio. clicks total

Status:  dismantled by Ricoh Service

Option:   Plockmatic Booklet Maker 350
Availability:  imm.

ex works:     P2P ShowRoom Nuremberg

Price in EURO:  Request a quote

manufacturers brochure:
Technical Specification

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