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Wanted now:

  • Kern 2600 FSH
  • Hunkeler CS6-1 or CS6-2 line
  • C.P.Bourg BDF-x w/ or w/out Spinemaster
  • Böwe Marathon 16k feeder
  • Plockmatic /Watkiss 224
  • Böwe 310 S2
  • Böwe Turbo Speed 22K or higher
  • Océ ColorStream 3700 or 3900 Twin 21" imm
  • Océ VarioStream 7170
    Océ VarioPrint 6xxx Titan series
  • Océ VarioPrint 6xxx MICR series
  • XEROX NUVERA 314EA Series 3/4
  • If you have surplus equipment to sell that we happen to be looking for or that fits our portfolio, please fill out the short form below Contact.

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