Kern 3500 / K996 continuous pinless, DM, 4 encl., vertical st.

cont. cutter K996 pinless 2-up, vertical stacker, 4 enclosures, option: TWIN channel 

Kern 3500 continuous pinfed, OMR, 4 encl. VROG

cont. cutter pinfed 2-up, vertical stacker,
4 enclosures, also possible as pinless

Kern 2500, EFQR Datamatrix FSH, ZSL

2 channels feeder EFQR, FSH (friction feeder) ZSL Datamatrix+OMR

Kern 2500, feeder FSK OMR + FSH, ZSL, YOM 2006

K2500 with 2x friction feeder FSK + FSH, ZSL with Lumac noise hood

Kern 2500 inserter, 2x cutter K980

2 channel continuous pinfed, 8 Enclosures,
2x K980 with LZUG/RZUG, 3x ZSL, vertical stacker 

Kern 2500 inserter, cutter K980 + FSKL feeder + ZSVD

FSKL OMR, FSH OMR, 2x ZSVD, KUV, all modules will be sold separately!

Kern 686 / 656, K905 feeder, OMR, 1 encl.

2 channels: 2x feeders with OMR, 0 or 1 enclosures 

Kern 686/656, 1 channel cutter, OMR, 2 enclosures

Kern 686 /656, 1 channel cutter pinfed, with OMR, 2 enclosures 

Kern K971 feeder Datamatrix + BC, refurb 2022 (11)

K971 feeder w M300 reading (2D+BC)  (online-version), refurbished 2022

Kern K971 feeder with datalogic 2D + OMR DELAYED

Datalogic (2D+BC) + OMR reading, double sheet detection

K995 K945 cutter merger PINLESS, Matrix 300

cont. cutter PINLESS 2-up K995 / K945,
Datamatrix reading

Kern 3000 continous K940/K990, OMR, 2 encl.

cont. cutter pinfed 2-up, VST vertical stacker,
all modules will also be sold separatley

Kern 3000 pinfed, OMR, for 4" bank statements (10)

cont. cutter pinfed 2-up K990/K940, 0 enclosures ZSEG, VST vertical stacker 

Kern 4000 continuous K990 OMR or BC, 4 enclosures

Kern 4000 with cutter pinfed K990 merger K940, 4 enclosures, conveyor for up to C4

Kern 4000 stand alone, 4 enclosures

4 enclosures, conveyor for C4, 1 check bin
YOM 2005 

K990 K940 cutter merger pinfed OMR for K3000

cont. cutter pinfed 2-up K990/K940,
for Kern 3000 or K3500

Kern K905 feeder with OMR, 1st install 2009

Kern cut sheet feeder K905
with OMR reading

Kern K980 cutter PINFED, OMR, long reading table

Kern K980 pinfed cutter with 3x OMR (2x from beneath, 1x from above)

Kern K980 cutter PINFED, Barcode

Kern K980 pinfed cutter with 1x Barcode read head, 1-up

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